Interaction design trainee
2014-2015, Munich



Socially engaged interactive robot that helps transforming human experience data into knowledge, to enable insight and help people live healthier / more informed.

Alphie can be attach to any object you interact with, then it understands your behaviour, and shares its observations with you. It is an open and modular system of sensors. 

Alphie surrounds. It listens to the environment and senses what you ask it to sense. In the end it turns patterns of data into language, and tells you something about your actions that you might have not known before.


IDEO is that superstar design consultancy that uses human-centered approaches to help companies innovate. It was pre-set-up in 70s by Bill Moggridge, a guy who designed one of the first laptops, coined the term *interaction design*, and injected human factors into design of computers, and tech tools that have fundamentally changed our daily routines. 

by Sara Vrbinc (concept, design) & Jure Martinec (concept, dev)
initiated at IDEO, Munich 2014