Farewill, ltd.
design lead (pre+post-launch, version 1.0)
2015-2016, London



Farewill innovatively changes the way we plan for death. It starts with an intuitive interface, that gets rid of the complicated legal language, and understands and empowers humans to transform all their wishes into a legally binding will. Recently awarded a contract by NHS England, Farewill will soon add also health care plans to the existing service. 

My responsibilities:
Leading and executing these 3 design processes:
- User interface design and development
- User experience design and optimisation
- Visual communication design and brand

As the design lead I designed and maintained the first version of the product from the very beginning until a couple of months after the launch. Other members in the team: Dan Garrett (CEO + legal), Antton Pena (CPO + frontend), Tom Rogers (CTO + backend).