Aalto University
School of Art, Design and Architecture: Media Lab
master's degree - interaction & visual design
2013-2015, Helsinki


#ere Living Lab

A tool that fosters civic participation in reimagining ways of how communities cooperate the flow of information in order to organise and evolve themselves.

#ere is a digital communication platform that interconnects users and provides a local information system in its situated neighbourhood. It is shaped to meet interests of 4 participant groups: local citizens, city or area authorities, local businesses and corporate branches.

While the private devices (mobile phones, computers) are customised by users, public displays are specific to the place they are located in and represent the pure set of data, based on proximity.

by Sara Vrbinc (UI/UX) + Sasha Kazantsev + Nina Chen (strategy/UX)
client Living Lab, Forum Virium Helsinki
February 2014