I. Starting with a problem

Have you ever found yourself lost?

Imagine yourself on your way somewhere. Suddenly your phone dies. You don’t know how to proceed, you don’t remember how you got there, and you have no idea where you are. 

This is because your phone has taken over some prior tasks (insight, planning, decision) that are otherwise, when you are aware of your movements in space around you, performed by your brain. Your brain automatically creates a mental map which later on serves as a repository for thinking and planning future steps. So, if your phone does that instead of you, and if it suddenly dies, then your mind remains as empty as a computer that has recently lost all its data. We also don't remember phone numbers anymore, because our phone knows them all. 

BrAInfu.cc emerges as a dystopian question, of how we might experience space in the future. The project observes our dependence on mobile devices, and speculates how AI could affect our own intelligence and cognition in the future. 

We like to define humankind as intelligent. What distinguishes us from other species is our need to control phenomena by creating tools – 


technologies – injecting them with the intelligence we have, thus expecting them to become immortal, and make our lives effortlessly prosper. However, technologies can be useless if not mediated by design that applies an interface to them, and so enables or enriches our experiences.

Interfaces facilitate interaction. Currently, those embodied in our smartphones give us access to almost anything, anytime, anywhere. A never-ending wave in the informational pollution, which also brings sensory overload, possibly causing us cognitive impairments. No matter that everything functions in the realm of publicly shared data; do we still have any privacy to experience the present with joy and ascribe it an intimate meaning, that cannot be tracked or algorithmically predicted? 

Fuc#, in all its metaphors, stands for something we all can relate to: an experience that results in physical and emotional sensation, which is either indescribably horrible or awesome. And so brAInfu.cc was innitialy based on the most unpleasant consequence of our interaction with AI. As a result, the project delivers a concept – a tangible interface in which AI works in favour of our intelligence and enhances our cognitive performance while experiencing space around us.  



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