Sara Vrbinc | comms+IxD+speculative design | portfolio

Sara Vrbinc      Sara Vrbinc is 23yrs old designer from Ljubljana.
    She has just finished internship season at IDEO - Munich [interaction design],
    now starting a term at the Royal College of Art - London [information experience design]
    to complete her Master’s thesis project for Aalto University - Helsinki [graphic design].

    She loves speculative interactions speculating interactions for near/far future environments,
    researching how design mediates between new tech, affecting our cognitive abilities.

       Here you can mainly find my sandbox of some old glitches, since I haven’t updated this page in the past 2 years.
       Meanwhile, not only all the cells of my body have changed, but so has the focus of my work + mentality of how I approach it.
       Step in touch for more concrete thingies, or wait until July 2015, when my master’s project will appear here - titled

       The Future of Our Spatial Experience.
       It delivers a tangible interface, and within new concepts of human-computer-space interaction, where AI enhances
       our cognitive performance, and doesn’t demolish it (as for the contrary of what our current "smart"obsessions could do)

       [So- nothing related to no-brain triviality of graphic design. However I still consider the latter as an awesome tool,
       for organising information into easily perceivable forms that could support knowledge development]